Return to work

I’m not sure if I’ve really mentioned this other than in my PTSD specific posts, but I have been signed off work since the end of January/beginning of Feb. I’m a little hazy on the specific date but it was around that time. I’d been struggling mentally for a while, and though I was already […]

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Self care or self indulgence?

This year, well very recently this year, I have been trying all manner of things to help with my mental health, IBS and all the wonderful symptoms that come with it (as well as my suspected endometriosis – I’ve only been asking for help for 10+ years but what does that matter?!). I’m just gonna […]

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What am I doing here?

I’m a fairly private person, a little introverted, with a tendency to over analyse everything in my life. I guess I’m doing this to try and shake that up a little, maybe stop the ‘doomsday’ way of thinking. Putting pen to paper has always helped me with expressing my thoughts and feelings before, it’s just […]

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