A brownie a day..

So I’ve been having a rough few weeks.

I’ve been signed off work again since January 10th for my ptsd. The nightmares and intrusive thoughts just seemed to go into overload.

I didn’t want to get signed off as I’ve only been back at work since August last year and back to my full hours in October. But when you can’t sleep and your brain is telling you everything is your fault, that everyone in your life would be better off without you.. it’s time to ask for help.

I mentioned in my previous post that I’ve upped my dosage of antidepressants so I’m four days into that, only a couple dizzy spells so far but I know the transition usually messes me up for a couple weeks.

I went through the horrible numb stage for a few days and I feel like I’m tentatively coming back into a better stage now and I know once the tablets kick in that’ll help.

So, onto the title of my post. Today when the post was delivered my husband yelled upstairs at me asking why I’d ordered a cake. I was confused, I hadn’t ordered a cake?

He brought a box up to me, with a label saying it was from a place called The CupCakery. Now we are intrigued..

I see this cute little message and am hit with potentially the best smell I’ve ever smelled!

Brownies are my favourites, every now and then I’ll order a slab of peanut butter brownies that we portion up as treats for a few weeks. If we go out for dinner literally everyone that knows me knows 9/10 I’m gonna get the brownie if it’s on the menu.

So, I peel back the paper and see this!

I do a little happy cry, the fact that someone was thinking of me and did this for me was just so unexpected and lovely.

This is a big box, so it’s six big brownies all with different chocolates on the top. Mini eggs, cadburys.. some we couldn’t work out, but how exciting!

I looked the bakery up, checked out their social media and saw that we had three mutual friends and immediately knew who it was that had done this for me.

It was one of my cousins, who I’ve always been close to and saw her more like one of my closest friends, and I immediately messaged her to say thanks and tell her how much I loved it.

This really flipped the script for me, I was feeling so down and worthless and then realising that actually people do care about me and I do deserve to be happy was just so nice.

It really is the little things!

I can confirm, we’ve eaten the mini egg brownie, had to share with hubby didn’t I! And they are delicious!

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