Time To Talk

Did you know that today was Time To Talk Day?

According to the website Time To Talk Day is the nation’s biggest mental health conversation! Taking place on Thursday 3 February 2022, it’s the day that friends, families, communities, and workplaces come together to talk, listen and change lives.

Now if you’ve read any of my previous posts, follow me on social media or know me in ‘the real world’ you’ll know that I am pretty open about my own mental health struggles as well as encouraging and advocating for better mental health care and support.

Suffering in silence doesn’t help anyone, not the family and friends you think you may be protecting, and definitely not yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely go through phases where I’m not entirely honest about how I am feeling, but the fact that I can tell the people in my life that I have PTSD, have severe depression and anxiety, have started therapy, or upped my meds (literally doing that one this very week!) has made things so much easier for me, and for them.

I get that it’s not nice to hear a loved one is suffering, but I can guarantee the people that care about you would much rather have any number of difficult or emotional conversations than to lose you.

You don’t have to go all in and tell everyone in your life what’s going on, about your intrusive thoughts, eating disorder.. whatever it is that you are dealing with, but talking it out does help. It’s not a magic cure, but it can be the start of something positive that will benefit you and help you deal with whatever is going on, and even better.. you don’t have to do it alone.

If you don’t have anyone in your life you can or want to open up to, there are helplines and websites galore that you can contact where someone will be there ready to listen.

I have a page here that lists a bunch of numbers or websites you can use if you don’t know where to start, that covers a whole range of needs for both US and UK readers.

If you want to comment on the post, I’ll answer, if you want to message on social media, I’ll answer. I can’t guarantee it’ll be immediate as I am only one person, but I will be there. If you are a friend or family member and you see this and need to talk, hit me up.. we can go for a dog walk, have a chat, talk on the phone, grab a cuppa!

Just please take care of yourself and believe that you deserve love and happiness and whatever help you may need, just like everyone else.

Sending love!!!

Jen xx

I work part time due to my mental health and chronic illness, and do not generate an income from my blog. You can support me and my writing with any of the following, you can like, share or follow my blog, or even ‘buy me a coffee’ using the link below. This will help me pay for the admin of the site and keep me following my dream.

Although not expected, any support I receive will be very much appreciated.


6 thoughts on “Time To Talk

  1. I’ve been on crisis call and text 4 times since January. The help available to me locally is limited and further hindered by insurance not covering stuff. Oh and being labeled noncompliant (missedan appointment) makes it hard to find a new psych doc. Feeling pretty hopeless but been dealing so long,I know some of it is seasonal depression. I just have to keep going. Thanks for shining a light on a very important issue💙

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    1. I’m glad you called/texted when you needed to and it absolutely sucks that you don’t get the proper help where you are. Being labelled noncompliant when you have severe mental health issues is so ridiculous, some days I can’t get out of bed or feed myself so it’s likely I’ll miss an appointment or phone call at some point.


  2. ❤ ❤ ❤ Oh my gosh, I totally agree. I love how much more open we're becoming as a society about these things. Like, trauma for example, people who've never experienced it might not have a frame of understanding if the rest of us didnt' blog about it. Anytime someone opens up, they could be raising other people's awareness. Keep up the great blogging work!! ❤

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