I Messed Up.

Last week I was browsing Twitter in my usual lazy way and seeing if anything caught my eye when lo and behold, something did. Something shocking.

Apparently, I’ve been eating chocolate digestives wrong my whole life!

It seems that a celebrity (or professional dancer, I’m unsure as I don’t watch) from Strictly Come Dancing recently spoke about how eating them with the chocolate facing down was the way to do it, and people were flabbergasted.

Some, because to them it was obvious that’s how you eat them, the chocolate on to your tongue, that’s where your taste buds are, why wouldn’t you eat it that way? To others (me included), we were confused. doesn’t that mean you are eating it upside down? I personally, in all my biscuit dunking and eating years, have never seen anyone eat a chocolate digestive that way up, or down..

I replied to my friend’s tweet and let them know how strange I found it, but now that I’d thought about it I was curious why we didn’t eat them that way.. I love chocolate!

Apparently there was a poll and only 9% of Brits eat them with the chocolate facing down, so I am in the majority but did enjoy the back and forth from various people online explaining all the reasons you should eat them upside down and how silly the rest of us were for not doing that and deprivng our taste buds of the best bit.

So after all this the next time I had a cup of tea and some chocolate digestives to hand, I gave it a go. I’m not gonna lie to you folks, it was delicious! I ate a bunch more that way and told my friend he’d been right.

Now I feel like the ‘How do you eat yours’ Crème egg slogan should be used for chocolate digestives so we can see what’s going on 😂

Another friend suggested I get try pizza the same way too but all I could imagine was toppings going everywhere until she explained I should bite it and then turn it in my mouth!

I don’t know if I’ll remember that by the time I have pizza next or if I’ll forever eat my digestives this way but it was a but of harmless fun for the week.

Now on to the important question.. how DO you eat yours?!

12 thoughts on “I Messed Up.

  1. Oooh, fun poll!! I’d play, but I’ve never eaten any! They must be a European delicacy! Interesting debate! With pizza, whenever I bake one, I fold it over on itself like a pizza sandwich!! Yummytastic!! ❤

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  2. Fun post! We don’t do digestives here in America but a few years ago I realized the trot of my way and started eating most cookies, pretzels, etc like this so that the salty or sweet part touched my tongue first. It definitely makes a small but significant difference! Pizza on the other hand…that’s a barrier I don’t think I can break haha

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