Our first Christmas..

Ok so not really our first Christmas, but our first Christmas as husband and wife.

Then, because we wanted to do something special for our first Christmas as a married couple, and people were so generous with our wedding gifts, we decided to go out for Christmas lunch this year!

This isn’t something either of us have ever done, we usually spend the morning together, have breakfast and exchange gifts then go to our parents to have a family Christmas (separately), and return home in the evening to spend the rest of the day with the dog.

I think we were both a little nervous to be doing something different, and sad to be missing that time with our families but it’s not every day you can treat yourself to a five course meal and we’d agreed not to split up on christmas anymore once we were married so this felt like a good way to do it without picking one family over the other to spend the holiday with for the first time as a couple.

I put on a lovely red dress, he put on some nice new jeans and a jumper and off we went, to be greeted with prosecco and led to our table.

We had an appetiser of Pumpkin soup, which I was excited to try as I’ve not had it before but whatever herbs and spices they put in were too strong for me so I only had a few small spoonfuls..

A terrine for our starter.. essentially if there’s pate on a menu I’ll pick it and terrine is very pate adjacent. The bread and the dip were both so good and all three together was perfection! The chef got it right on this one and we both ate it all.

On to the main.. I know it’s not traditional to have a steak for Christmas Dinner but that’s clearly because I wasn’t in charge! I love a steak but rarely have them unless we’re out for a special occasion. This juicy beast came with dauphinoise potatoes, green veg medley and a red wine sauce..

I had no regrets. Bloody delicious it was!

This guy however is much more for tradition than I am and had to go with the turkey dinner. We always try eachothers meals unless we have the same thing so I can say it was a nice dinner but.. nothing compared to my steak. He enjoyed it however and the only sore spot he had was that it was supposed to come with pigs in blankets (his christmas day favourite) and it came with one pig, in his one little blanket.

Pudding.. honestly I couldn’t even finish my main so we asked for a break before we had pudding brought out but oh my gosh. It was SO good. It was supposed to be a chocolate tart but this was how it arrived so maybe I was imagining the wrong thing in my mind but either way it was delicious. Chocolate and salted caramel heaven!

Ever the traditionalist he opted for christmas pudding and this little slice was what arrived..

I didn’t try this as I don’t like christmas pudding or custard. The verdict was that it was ok, he was glad he’d ordered it as he would’ve felt like he’d missed out if he didn’t but he did get to enjoy my far superior chocolate mountain also cause I’m so generous/was too full to finish it.

We were supposed to have a cheese course as well but a lot of people, including us, asked to have it boxed up to take home as there was no way we could fit more food in.

I don’t know what we are going to do next year as we both have our preferred meals and ways of doing christmas and we definitely don’t want to go out every year for it, so maybe we’ll make new traditions!

Do you have specific meals or do you mix it up?

8 thoughts on “Our first Christmas..

  1. My jaw dropped looking at these wonderful dishes! 😮 At the dessert one (holy flip, is that popcorn?!) I was just like, wow. FEED ME! Yes! I also love anything cosmic, so those napkins are to die for. I think this is a great thing to do as a couple, and to have as a new tradition! ❤

    My family used to go to the Doe Run Inn for Thanksgiving buffet, and it was so wonderful: great food, including fried chicken and rolls (my faves) and grounds you could explore and a building you were allowed to wander through that had four floors and was a B&B. It even had a water wheel and hills to climb, etc. I'm still heartbroken that it went out of business and closed.


  2. The dishes sure looked wonderful! Many things I’d never eat myself, but that doesn’t take away of how good it looked!
    When I was in relationships we always went one Xmas day to one family and the second to the other’s. We celebrate Xmas on the 25 & 26th so two families, two days… Some times we invited our parents to our place one evening and then had an evening just the two of us after that. 😊
    It’s all about making your own new traditions and seeing what suits the both of you best. ♥

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  3. We mix up the family traditions on both sides. Until covid we used to alternate between spending Christmas with one family or the other. This year we hosted my parents for Christmas day and my in laws for the day after. Our first time hosting and it was a bit stressful but overall lots of fun and really special to all be together.

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