Back to work blues..

I went back to work today. I had no idea it was Tuesday until I asked someone a question about a meeting Wednesday, and they reminded me that Wednesday is tomorrow!

I’m very tired.. I just went to drink some tea out of my empty cup and it made me sad 😂

I got up on time AND showered before work today, which probably didn’t even happen once last year. I got up late pretty much every day and was lucky if I managed a shower in the evening let alone every day.

Now you might think that sounds disgusting (and sometimes it is, I live it believe me I know), but it’s truly a battle for me to get out of bed, depression hangs heavy over my head and hiding in bed having a cuddle with the dog is a much easier and less mentally and physically tiring way for me to spend my day. Add into the mix that I rarely get more than 4 hours (broken) sleep a night so I’m constantly exhausted.

IBS and the chronic pain and fatigue it brings with it, well.. it’s rare I feel good enough to face the day let alone happy and healthy.

Does that sound like a lot? Well it kinda is.. and it’s my day to day, but! I am proud of myself for getting up and making a proper effort today. I may be exhausted but I do feel good that I did it, I won’t say this will be the ‘new me’ and I’ll manage it for the year or forever more (I’m worried about just doing a week yet!) but I am going to aim to make it a bit more of a routine for myself. If I don’t manage it every day, I haven’t done anything wrong.. but maybe the more I do manage, the easier it will become. 

Happy new year to you all and I hope you manage to do whatever is best for you today too x

10 thoughts on “Back to work blues..

  1. It’s a double edged sword for me,hearing that others struggle with basics like hygiene just like me. I wouldn’t wish it on an enemy but it is also ‘nice’ to know I am not all alone. Good for you getting it done. Just never feel bad for doggy snuggles. That is better than 100 antidepressants at times💜

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    1. You’re so right I feel like that too. People at work were having a chat about how some people wash at night and how gross that is because you should shower every morning. I’m sat there camera off, not showered for five days, face sore cause it’s so dry thinking damn, guess I shouldn’t be proud I still got out of bed and did my work day.


  2. Oh, I can totally relate to how hard it is to get in the shower! I’m lucky to do it once a week!! And it always blows my mind when someone can get by on four hours of sleep. One night of that would render me insane. Wow, you must have some serious stamina! Go you! Great job getting up today and going to work! YAY!

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  3. I can relate to this! I’m sitting at my workstation feeling gross, but it was already so hard getting out of bed, I even managed a workout and now I want to just go into a coma and wake up next month.


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