The Matrix: Resurrections

So today we went to the IMAX to watch the wonderfully shiny and new addition to The Matrix universe.

We have to mask up (which we do anyway) and lots of the seats are blocked out so you can’t book to sit directly next to, in front of or behind another group which is about as much social distancing as you can reasonably expect a cinema to adhere to.

I won’t give any spoilers as I know how annoying it is when people do that, but I will say that I personally loved it.

The casting was good, there were obviously some of the original cast but even the new additions I thought played their parts brilliantly and slotted right in.

I liked what they did with the story, and although I can understand people picking up on things they don’t like or agree with, it didn’t change the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Let’s face it, they could have done literally anything with this franchise after all this time and people were going to have very strong opinions no matter what simply because it is The Matrix.

If you, like me are happy to just let a story entertain you and love a bit of Keanu Reeve’s (who doesn’t?!) I would definitely recommend giving it a go.

I don’t know if harsher restrictions are going to come into play after the new year celebrations, I would fully understand if they did as this new variant is spreading like wildfire, but if the cinema stays open long enough we’ll be off to see Spiderman-No Way Home next.

Masks and lateral flow tests at the ready!

4 thoughts on “The Matrix: Resurrections

      1. That’s great that you’ve enjoyed them! YAY! And yeah, Keanu!! 😮 What’s not to love?

        I saw the original movie when I was dating this guy in 2004, and he asked me to watch it with him. We watched it up here in my room, as I recall, and after the film, he asked me what I thought of it. I gave this insightful (I think) analysis of it about how Neo’s name symbolized rebirth, or something like that. (Having not seen the movie since, I have no idea how brilliant that insight was, and I don’t recall the rest of my speech.) But he got really upset, pouted, and said, “You weren’t supposed to get it!” Like he wanted me to be stupider than him? 😀 Every time I remember that, I laugh.

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