I don’t know why I like you but I do.

I’m going to tell you a story about The Wombats and my wedding.

Myself and my partner, absolutely love the band The Wombats. They are an english Indie-Rock band and we had both liked them when they first came out, years before we got together, but when they released their new album Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life we became jointly obsessed!

The whole album is just so good, and we have listened to it over and over since first hearing it. Throughout the first lockdown, that album was probably played on an almost daily basis as it was just something that cheered us both up and we could have a silly little dance or sing along when we were washing up or cooking.

Now we’ve been together a long time, and we’re not the most traditionally romantic of couples. Lots of people thought we were joking when we said we weren’t going to have a first dance at our wedding, we had a long engagement and they tried to change our minds and tell us we’d regret it when they realised we weren’t.

There was never a song we had thought of as ‘our song’. Nothing particularly romantic or special in relation to us as a couple. There were artists and albums we had enjoyed listening to and seeing together sure, but none of them that we’d thought that we must have this as our ‘first dance’ at the wedding.

There are however two songs in particular on the Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life album that we sang to eachother, or said ‘this is us’ or ‘this reminds me of you’ every time we listened to them, and then we’d laugh because everyone else seemed to think it was a bit weird.

‘Turn’ is the first one, and the lyrics go a little like this:

We’re fairly silly with eachother, we’re both extremely sarcastic and we love making eachother laugh, but we’re also very honest about our struggles and our faults. So lyrics like ‘Maybe it’s the crazy that I’d miss’ ring true for us, because we know we’re not perfect, no one is, but we love eachother.

The second song that really speaks to us a couple (I know, we turned into those people and it only took a couple of paragraphs!), is ‘I don’t Know Why I Like You But I Do’.

Like I said, we’re fairly open with eachother, we know we have our faults and we know we could do better sometimes. I will admit that I tell my other half that I don’t like him sometimes, and then he’ll say ‘But you love me’ and he thinks that makes it all ok. I’m sure you’ve looked at your partner with the utmost adoration at some point in your life and thought damn I’m lucky to have them. Equally, I don’t think I’m the only one to look at them and think oh my god you are the most annoying person in the world. Especially if things aren’t going so well, or maybe you’ve just had a pretty big argument or disagreement and you think to yourself, why am I here, why are we doing this.

But no matter what, we make sense, it’s just there. The love, the connection.. all the looks, the inside jokes and the chemistry, we ‘go’ together.

So this song, this song is our favourite, and it has become something very special to us and our relationship.

Due to everything happening in the world, we had to postpone the wedding for a year. People started asking questions when it got closer to the new date and again a first dance seemed to be something everyone thought we just had to do.. we never wanted to do a first dance, and the album hadn’t even been released when we first got engaged so we wouldn’t have thought of those songs anyway.

Whilst it still wasn’t something either of us social anxiety ridden humans wanted, we had requested that the DJ play it as the last song of the night, so that we can celebrate the day, celebrate our love, with no pressure, and to close everything off in a meaningful way.

The DJ did a pretty good job, had the kids up and dancing to begin with as she is also a children’s entertainer, and she sang a few songs for them with a pretty good singing voice we weren’t expecting. She got the everyone else up and dancing for most of the evening, and as it got closer to the end of the night, we headed to the dance floor excited to hear our song.

She didn’t play it.

She decided, in her infinite DJ wisdom and without talking to us, to keep the party spirit going for all the drunken friends and relatives that were still burning up the dance floor.. to instead play Robbie Williams – Angels.

Yes, I know it’s a ‘classic’ and everyone yells along having a great time, BUT. Anyone that knows me knows I hate that song and I would never have danced to it, never mind the fact that we had specifically requested something that had so much meaning to us and we were looking forward to it.

We walked off the dance floor, sat down with some family members and honestly we probably looked as pissed off and disappointed as we felt for a minute.

It might not be a big deal, and everyone else had a good time, but it did feel like a big let down to us, and we’ve both brought it up a few times since, as well as our family members who’d known that’s what we’d had planned and it still bums us out for a minute or two.

So, because we were so bummed about it, and I am so awesome, I decided to see if they were touring next year and guess what? They are 🙂 Christmas Day my lovely husband will open a cute little gift voucher telling him we are going to see them.

We’re finally going to get to dance to our song, as husband and wife, and it’ll be sung live right to us.. (in our heads anyway, the band and other attendees will have no idea but so what).

I am very excited, and I just hope the tour doesn’t get cancelled due to the rise in covid cases going on at the moment, so wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “I don’t know why I like you but I do.

  1. Oh wow, what a wedding disappointment! Bad DJ!! But oh what a beautiful relationship you two have!! I hope to find the same!! YAY! Your wedding sounds like it was wondrous!! And those lyrics are genius. 😮 A lot of lyrics are just drab and unoriginal, but not those!! I’m glad you all have a shared love of unique music!!

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  2. That was really bad professionalism on the DJ’s part, they made the night about them and the fun they wanted to generate — which is lovely for most of the guests but you don’t ever deprive the married couple their first romantic dance! But it’s great you have the concert to look forward to and finally get your dance. Cheering you on!

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