O Christmas Tree

We put our tree up on saturday, pretty late compared to the rest of my family and friends!

We always mean to put it up earlier but something always comes up or we get busy or tired or ill.. once we even put it up on christmas eve! I’m determined to do it earlier next year, maybe be one of those people that put it up at the beginning of december!

Our little tradition when we do the tree, is to blast some classic christmas music, bust open the snacks and have an adult beverage while we decorate.

We love eachother so much 🙂

I wanted a nice picture of the tree once we were done and my other half decided taking some of me and the dog in front of it would be a better idea.

I am wearing my brand new pj’s that I had bought with christmas in mind.

It’s weird how excited a 35 year old can get about having some proper pajamas, I usually sleep in a vest/tee or maybe just undies if it’s not too cold but whatever makes you happy right?! 🙂

I’ll wear them to bed on christmas eve so when we have our croissants for breakfast with a cup of tea for me and a coffee for him (the husband, not the dog) I can feel all cute and cosy and then dive into opening the pressies!

I absolutely love watching Charlie open presents because he gets so excited just tearing the paper up then when he realises there’s something good in there for him he grabs it and runs away in case we try to get it first. Silly dog.

I hope you are all happy and excited or relaxed as can be. Christmas can be fun but it can be really tough, so if you’re struggling make sure you reach out.

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