Joyous dressing spotlight – Emma’s outfit

Next up in the joyous dressing spotlight series is Emma Randall.

I hope you enjoy our interview, and the fabulous pictures she has allowed me to share below.

I love this outfit, the mix of Velma and Coraline vibes is right up my alley!

How did you learn about Joyous Dressing?

I learned about Joyous Dressing by following Josephine Dervish herself!

I started following her when I saw an ad to snag tights that she was modelling for. The ad linked back to Josephine’s page, and eventually I caught wind of her hashtag!

Another person who found Josephine via Snag, I love the way both Josephine and Snag have brought together so many lovely people online.

What kind of impact do you think Joyous Dressing has had on your day to day life?

Before I started following the hashtag, I felt a bit boxed in on my page- it used to be called @emmas_vintage_insta. But as I read Josephine’s posts referencing #joyousdressing and everything it’s about, I started feeling like I could do what I wanted on my page- It reminded me of why I started my instagram in the first place- because I love dressing up!

I eventually changed my handle to @emmas_outfit_insta, and my content got more diverse as my style evolved. Now I am definitely more likely to post whatever outfit I want, regardless of how I think people will respond.

I still love the vintage style community, but after about a year of trying to stay in that box, I realized my interest in style and fashion is much more broad. 

Do you have a favorite look and/or challenge that you’ve done?

Right now, my favorite post of mine is probably the one I posted on April 19th (see below), but my tastes change so often that next week the answer will have shifted. 

Is there anything else you’d like to talk about?

Not much, I just want to thank you for making this post- can’t wait to read it!

Check out Emma’s insta @emmas_outfit_insta

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