My lovely maid of honour sent me a message asking if I was home. Cue me worrying something has happened.. what could it be?

She ended up popping over after work to deliver me this, and after a quick chat she headed home for her dinner, and I got super excited to find out what was going on!

It was a lovely gift box, that apparently had everything I would need to know for my hen do inside. My hen do had originally been scheduled for last year, as the wedding should’ve been October 2020, but like so many others, we had to postpone, and the hen do ended up being cancelled.

This was what was inside the mystery box! 🙂

Chocolate – Jack Daniels – Nail Varnish – Face Masks – Ibuprofen – Bridal Accessories

There was a sash, a veil (which I’m not wearing on the day so it’s quite fun to have one to try out), a Bride to be badge and a shiny gold Bride headband.

What did these ladies have in store for me? I had no idea, but everyone was going to know I was the Bride 😀

Lastly I had this cute little list of things I would need to bring with me. Prior to receiving the box the only thing I knew was what dates to book off of work so this was pretty damn exciting, even if it didn’t actually give too much away.

What are your thoughts on what I was asked to bring? Did you do anything crazy at a Hen Do?

Let me know 🙂

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