Wedding Venue

Ok people this is not a drill, we get married THIS WEEK!!

Last week we went to the venue to confirm final numbers and arrangements for the day, as well as pay the remaining balance for our wedding.

This would usually be done a lot more in advance but a lot of people in the industry at the moment are slammed with bookings that had to be rescheduled as well as all the 2021 bookings they already had in place.

I thought as I have been talking about it so much I’d give you a little tour of where it’s all going to happen.

This is the restaurant/conservatory and this is where the actual ceremony will be taking place. Obviously the tables are removed and the chairs are re-arranged but it looks beautiful when it’s all set up and ready to go.

This is the view of the hotel from the lovely grassy area out the back.

A cute little path in the grounds.. there is so much space outside and I absolutely love it, plenty of places for romantic talks, pictures, or the kids to run around playing 🙂

We’re actually really lucky in that after the ceremony, we have our own suite that the wedding breakfast and the reception will all be taking place in, so there’s no moving in and out of the same room rearranging tables. We even have our own bar and dancefloor, as well as a reception room with a separate entrance from the hotel for when the evening guests arrive.

This is another little spot out there that I’m sure lots of the guests will discover and use for their wedding day selfies, and maybe even a little smooch!

The child in me loves the look of that tree for an attempted climb or hideout spot when adventuring and there’s plenty more like it around.

I can’t wait 🙂

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