Hopewalk 2021

HOPEWALK is a PAPYRUS event that takes place every October.

The event raises vital funds for suicide prevention, and aims to smash the stigma around suicide, which is the biggest killer of young people under 35 in the UK.

PAPYRUS is the national charity for the prevention of young suicide and believes that many young suicides are preventable. They operate HOPELINEUK, a confidential call, text, and email helpline for young people with thoughts of suicide or those concerned about a young person who may have thoughts of suicide.

Every £5 raised can help pay for a potentially life-saving contact to HOPELINEUK from a young person wanting to stay safe from their thoughts of suicide.

Last year I took part in my first ever Hopewalk (with the help of my dad and my dog!), which you can read about here.

We ended up getting absolutely drenched as we did the walk during ‘Storm Alex’. Charlie (the dog) didn’t mind as he just loves being outside exploring, whereas me and my dad would probably have preferred not to be soaked through with puddles in our shoes by the end of it, but these things happen and we completed our adventure!

This year I decided I wanted to take part again as it is such an important cause to me, only I can’t bring Charlie or my dad to cheer me on as I’m going to be doing the walk while I am on my honeymoon!

If you would like to sponsor me and make a donation towards the life saving work that Papyrus and their volunteers do then you can find my donation page here.

3 thoughts on “Hopewalk 2021

  1. This is great that you support local causes! And this is definitely a worthwhile cause! I hate the thought of anyone being suicidal and not having access to a crisis line! I admire your hard work here!! ❤

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