Makeup trial.

I had my makeup trial this week. I was half excited half dreading it because I’m not a big makeup person, and I didn’t want to be full glam and bronzed up like a lot of the pictures I see online as it’s just not me.

But on the other hand I didn’t know what I did want, or what would look good on me either.

When I arrived I’d only put moisturiser on that morning and we were in the middle of a random heatwave so my face was unbelievably red and shiny and I felt ridiculous.

We had a chat about what I wanted, I showed her some pictures of my dress, the hair I’d have and what my bridesmaids were wearing and talked about the styles and looks I liked, and when I mentioned vintage she got really excited and asked if she could go with her vision and see what I thought.

Although I was sat right next to a huge mirror she asked me not to look until she was done.

It was hard not to as I’m nosey and really wanted to see what she was doing but I did wait, and I was really happy with what I saw once I got over the shock of it. Not that it was a bad thing, I’m just not used to being made up like that and feeling pretty.

She did a little flick with the eyeliner and some soft sparkle on my lids, you can’t see too much of it in these but I do love how I looked and felt. It wasn’t too much which I was worried about and I really liked the lip colour too.

She’s sent me the name of the lipstick as she said it’s nice to have your wedding lipstick as a special thing to remember and also if I did want to keep it on me for a touch up later in the day that would be easier too.

She took quite a few pictures in different lights so I could really see it and make sure I was happy with it.

Other than getting my lashes done the day before the wedding (she used some glue on’s for this) this is the look I’m going with.

I hope you enjoyed the pics of me laughing at myself and posing in my make up artists front door 😂

7 thoughts on “Makeup trial.

  1. Oh my gosh, you’re drop-dead gorgeous! Those blue braids are pure rainbowy magic!! And I daresay they complement your eyes perfectly! And, wow, about the makeup!! It’s perfection!! Your wedding will be so special! YAY! ❤

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