Running out of steam.

This week has been pretty full on for me.

I’ve done a lot of wedding prep, sorted things out around the house. Left the house three days in a row which is pretty much unheard of for me these days.

Yesterday continued along the same sort of vein, I worked a short day, had a catch up with my manager about how my phased return was going. All things considered I think we both have a better understanding of eachother and what needs work going forward so I am feeling quite positive about all of that.

After work my lovely maid of honour came to pick me up and took me to my alterations appointment. It was basically to try on my wedding dress with everything pinned ready to be altered, just to make sure it all looked/felt right before the work was actually done.

I was super happy and did a little twirly moment in the mirror, my dress is beautiful, and even if I never really managed to lose the weight that I wanted to (life sure can get in the way of your plans!), I still love it and feel good in it, and really that’s all that matters.

I also got to go and pick up my bridesmaid dresses as they had finally arrived. They were due in a few weeks ago but literally the day I queried it was when they told me they had been delayed. I was pretty annoyed as they didn’t even bother giving me a heads up when they found out about the delay, and the dresses still needed to be altered (they are very long and some of my bridesmaids are on the shorter side).

Anyway, we picked them up and went to my maid of honours house straight after so she could try hers on and she looked beautiful! 🙂

She’s the tallest of the bunch and even with her heels on she’s gonna need a couple inches off the bottom of her dress so I can’t imagine what my sisters will look like!

They all have their alterations appointments booked in over the next week or so and as we are thinking it’s only the hems that will need sorting I’m not too concerned about how late it all is. The seamstress is lovely and when I booked in with my dress she specifically kept time aside for any bridal party appointments I might need.

I had planned on going on the exercise bike again last night but I was just feeling so tired after such a busy few days I couldn’t face it.

Today I woke up feeling run down, a little headachey, some stomach cramps. I should’ve been working a short day again but I had to contact work and let them know I wouldn’t be logging in, and I’ve been in bed most of the day.

I think it’s important both mentally and physically for me to remember to take my time, and rest when my body needs it, especially after going through so much the last year or so or I’ll only end up hurting myself again.

I’m going to try and relax for the rest of today, maybe listen to a guided meditation and see how I get on with that as I have a few things I do need to get on with tomorrow and don’t want to be feeling tired or down for any of that.

I hope you’re all having a good week, and if not, at least it’s friday?

4 thoughts on “Running out of steam.

  1. I’m so pleased you had a good catch-up with your boss and there’s good understanding. And YAY for dress fittings!! I’m so excited for you!! Well done for noticing when you needed to rest, important not to push yourself too much, especially in the run up to the wedding xxxxx

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