Productive couple days!

Here in the UK our week started off with a bank holiday Monday, which a lot of people use an excuse to go out partying on a sunday. I’m not sure I’ve ever done that myself but each to their own!

Do you ever wake up and feel productive? No, me neither.. but I did on Monday for some reason. I wrote all the wedding reception invitations we had left to do and got the other half to post them while he was out. I sorted all the recycling ready for the bin men on thursday when typically we do it all last minute on wednesday night and moan at eachother that we should’ve sorted it sooner.

I boxed up some returns that I’d been meaning to deal with for about six weeks.. and on top of all that, I even hopped on the exercise bike and did a 15 minute cycle on there!

As I’d avoided the bike for a couple weeks with my bad stomach I was worried I wouldn’t even make it to 5 minutes, but I decided to try putting on Beauty and the Beast to distract myself as it’s one of my favourites and I love a good singalong. The distraction worked pretty well as I did the 15 minutes without too much of a struggle.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to work yesterday as I had a lengthy argument with myself and my anxiety in the morning but as you can see below I eventually convinced myself to have a shower and see how I get on.

I worked a short day as I’m still on my phased return and even went to the post office in my lovely new (pre-loved) dress, paired with some with snag tights of course!

So oddly enough I was feeling pretty good about myself for two days in a row.. could it continue?

It could! Today, I didn’t work as I don’t work wednesday’s anyway, but I did need to get some bits for the wedding!

I had left things a little last minute as it’s happening in a month today. But where we’d postponed for a year, and with the various lockdowns and rule changes I guess in the back of my head I really struggled to believe everything was going to go ahead.

I needed to get a strapless bra to wear with my wedding dress, jewellery to wear on the day, and bridal party gifts. I have a bunch of jewellery already (I love fun and colourful earrings) but nothing particularly special or expensive, and I just wanted something nice that won’t be too distracting. Something a little different I guess.

I had my mask hanging round my neck as I knew I’d be in and out of a lot of shops and it’s just so much easier to have it ready, and off I went!

I didn’t have a lot of luck at the Outlet, I saw one nice set of earrings and a necklace, teardrop, silver, a little bit of a sparkle.. but then I looked at the price and I was like no way! £649!!

So I went to the town centre instead and met up with my mum and my aunty. We had a nice little lunch in a cafe, cheese and ham toastie with some crisps on the side for me. Simple, but good.

I had some horrible attempts at finding a bra on my own, trying on various sizes but none of them were right. Luckily they had a fitting appointment available in an hour or so so we booked that in.

While we were waiting we went to look at jewellery, there were lots of beautiful shiny things to look at, we looked at some pearls, some pear drop sparkly things. I ended up trying on a pretty simple necklace, circular piece of silver with a sparkly inside it, and some knot style studs that go with it.

I did need to try a longer chain as it didn’t feel right where it lay, but once that was sorted I knew it was what I’d been looking for. Less than £100 which is much more in my price range, but then when it was time to pay my lovely mum said she’d get it for me as a gift, so she got a big hug in return!

After that it was time to get my boobs measured so off we went back to the shop, and the helpful lady that does it for a living measured me up and brought me the perfect bra! I remember when I was younger and my mum made me go and get measured before we bought my first proper bra and I was so mad at her because it was so embarrasing, but now I’m like yeah here are my boobs, do what you need to do 😀

I did also get the bridal party gifts, but I can’t go into detail as one of them occasionally reads my posts.

It doesn’t really sound like I’ve done much, but compared to months of being signed off work, barely moving due to chronic illness, this week has been go go go!

I work part time due to my mental health and chronic illness, and do not generate an income from my blog. You can support me and my writing with any of the following, you can like, share or follow my blog, or even ‘buy me a coffee’ using the link below. This will help me pay for the admin of the site and keep me following my dream.

Although not expected, any support I receive will be very much appreciated.

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