You ever sit down to eat your dinner and think, ooh I could go for a good horror movie right about now? I do, alot!

I was having a look on Netflix and I saw Boogeyman, something I’d watched many a time when I was a little younger.

It was released in 2005, which makes it more recent than I thought. Barry Watson (Far from home, Sorority Boys) plays the lead role, and I used to have a massive crush on him, so him in a horror movie? Bring it!

WARNING – going forward there will be spoilers.

The movie starts with a young boy being scared of the shadows in his room, you know what it’s like, once the lights are off everything becomes so much more sinister. Things start moving, he freaks out and tries to hide, then just as you think you’re about to see a monster.. boom! his dad comes in to see what’s going on.

Dad starts doing the usual oh everything is fine it’s all in your head look let me check everything for you.. under the bed? All clear! Behind the curtains? Absotively fine.. I’d like to note at this point that I would never be this kind of parent, I’d be like oh shit put the lights on let’s hide under the covers to be safe (it’s worked so far) .. and I would’ve been right too, because good old dad in this movie.. ends up being taken by the boogeyman, right in front of his terrified little boy.

We skip ahead to present day, the scared young boy is all grown up, but still very much scared of the dark. We see that his apartment has all the cupboard doors off, high power lighting rigged absolutely everywhere.. no shadows are getting him in this place!

We’re introduced to his girlfriend who I immediately dislike because she gets jealous over him hugging a female coworker goodbye at their own leaving party and breaks it up, and then starts calling him weird instead of asking him if he’s ok when he’s clearly scared or troubled about something. Even so, he’s off to meet her parents for thanksgiving weekend, where when they ask him some questions about his own parents, instead of letting him answer or saying to leave it alone as it’s a hard topic for him, she throws his tragic backstory in their face to make them feel awkward.

If I was with someone, and they told people I’d never met that my dad abandoned me and my mum went crazy and then did a ‘are you happy now’ at them.. i’d be gone. Eff that person, it’s so rude and uncaring and totally disrespectful.

Later that night, when he’s freaking out after a nightmare about something happening to his mum, she gets mad at him. Mad at him for being freaked out, mad at him for worrying about his mum, mad when he answers the phone, so much so that she keeps trying to pull him away from it and interrupting him. So rude! His nightmare appears to be a premonition as the phone call is to let him know his mum has died. He tells her he needs to leave, but she doesn’t go with him.

After the funeral, he decides to go back to his old home as he wants to look through some of their things. His childhood therapist (why wouldn’t you visit them while in town for your estranged mums funeral??) says it’ll be good for him as what happened when he was young wasn’t supernatural, his dad just walked out on him and his mum, and spending the night in the house will help. Professionals like this in movies are the worst! Always telling you to face your fears or that it’s just your imagination.. they basically send people off to be killed.

While checking things out around the house, we have an E.T. moment where he hears a noise, only instead of an alien he finds a weird kid hiding in the shed. She was at the funeral and she followed him home because she wants to know if the boogeyman is real. Seems legit right? He tells her no, and when she leaves he see’s her forgotten backpack, FULL of missing persons posters from over the years.

Some freaky things happen that send him running, and voila! Terrible girlfriend shows up, apologises, and they drive to a motel as he wants to get the heck outta that house.

True to form, she quickly continues being terrible by complaining that she drove hours to see him and he’s not like, super stoked? She suggests they ‘just have fun’ and ‘forget about the bad stuff’… um hi excuse me lady, HIS MUM JUST DIED.

You know in horror movies where you know some people will probably die, and you think do you know what, I’m happy if it ends up being you. She is for sure one of those. You don’t absolutely hate her, she’s not the villain of the story but you certainly don’t like her and just don’t care if she gets killed.

Anyway, while he goes to get ice for their sexy vodka red bulls, she hangs her bra over the lamp for mood lighting and draws a bath. But when he comes back to the room, she’s gone!

He hears something in the closet, and expecting to see his beau he opens the door, only to find himself walking out of the closet back in his childhood home.

At this point, he doesn’t know what’s real anymore, or if he’s gone crazy. He returns to the motel with an old friend who thinks that he’s been in the house the entire time and potentially is going a little mad. They look around and see the bra on the lamp and the drinks he left earlier, but when they check the motel bathroom they see a bloody handprint on the tub.

In a super serious voice, he says now he knows what happened to his dad was real.

He tracks down the creepy shed kid from earlier in the park (of course, not weird at all), he tells her that he lied to her, that the boogeyman is real and he needs her help. What a kid is gonna do to help him I have no idea, but kids in horror films can be pretty resilient, you know when they are not the baddie.

He sees that they are near an abandoned house, one he went to as a kid. He tells her a crazy old man used to live there, saying his daughter had been taken, he’d spent years trying to understand what it was that had taken her.

The house is covered in graffiti talking about the boogeyman, different names for him, missing posters, everything boarded up or broken down. We see the missing poster of the old man’s daughter, it’s shed girl! She tells him that he has to go back to where it started, where he first saw the boogeyman, and face him.

Things are very dramatic now! He boards up all the windows and doors in the house, leaving only the bedroom closet where his dad was taken for the boogeymen to come through. He nails a chair to the floor in front of it, takes a seat and the door opens.

He walks in and is transported to the motel, he sees his girlfriend get taken, BOOM he’s back at the house and sees his uncle who had come to check on him get taken. BOOM he’s at his childhood friends house, see’s she’s about to get taken and knocks her out of the way, only for them both to be dragged under the bed.

Confrontation ensues, crazy horror movie things happen, he’s fighting the boogeyman and getting thrown all over the place. The movie magic hasn’t aged that well considering when it was made but it’s not the worst I’ve seen.

He looks around, realises that the boogeyman is formed from all the things he was afraid of in the dark in his bedroom as a kid, and he smashes them! The boogeyman doesn’t quite disappear but he is kinda thrown back into the darkness in the closet, and everything returns to ‘normal’.

There is a dumb movie moment, where they break one of the rules of horror, they ask if it’s all over.. you never ask things like that, it’s like asking ‘is someone there’ in a dark hallway, just asking for trouble!

Anyway, I know there’s at least another two of these but I can’t remember if they tie in to this one at all other than the fact it’s about the boogeyman, so I’ll have to find them and give them a watch again too. I had a fun night reminscing and yelling at the tv, and I didn’t cover absolutely everything in this so you could still give it a watch if you were so enclined.

If you read this far, I appreciate it, I know I rambled on and while it was originally going to be a review you basically got the entire film told to you with some random thoughts thrown in, they can’t all be winners! 🙂

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