Charlie Says Hello

So last year I started my blog because I thought it would be a good outlet for me, I’ve always loved writing and was struggling with my mental health and lockdown like a lot of people.

I set up new social media accounts for it, and I’ve been enjoying the honesty, the sharing and making new friends.

Woke up to this.

I have also talked about my dog a lot, cause I love him, and he’s a big part of my life. I take millions of pictures and videos of him, my phone is full of them.

A few of my friends have social media accounts specifically for their pets, and had suggested I give it a go. I always laughed it off cause I thought it was a bit silly but almost a year into the pandemic I figured why not? I’m always taking the pictures anyway, and the people that want to see him can, without annoying the people who don’t want cute doggy content.

What’s wrong with being a little silly anyway?

Fun with frisbees.

I set up his account and honestly it’s just so fun to post, make doggy friends and see lots of other cute animal pics. It is like my stress relief.

But, it can be a drama, which I was absolutely not expecting or prepared for.

You get spammed by people trying to get you to buy their products, to be a model (the dog obviously not me 😂) or ambassador for their company in exchange for regular discounts or free products.

Tennis balls are life 🎾

You get people using your posts as a place to advertise their own accounts.

Engagement groups where you all agree to support each other’s content, which can be nice and a cool way to make human and furry friends that you regularly chat to… BUT, some people take it way too seriously and start drama, arguments and name calling.. very unnecessary.

I took it all pretty personally to begin with but now I just remove myself from the situation, post pictures of my dog, like other peoples pictures cause they are cute and make me happy, and that’s it.

Life’s too short you know, just let me look at animals on the internet in peace 😂.

If you’re on Instagram and ever want to see Charlie being cute af, his account is @charlie_says_hello

I work part time due to my mental health and chronic illness, and do not generate an income from my blog. If you would like to support me and my writing you can like, share or follow mblog.

If you really feel like it, you could ‘buy me a coffee’ using the link below. This will help me pay for the admin of the site and keep me following my dream. Although not expected, any support I receive will be very much appreciated.

6 thoughts on “Charlie Says Hello

  1. Yeah, I’m doing good on FB now, but I can’t do groups at all. It becomes as difficult as forums!! I’m wondering if there’s just something wrong with certain online dynamics! I’m glad blogging is a great experience all around, seemingly across the board for all (or most) bloggers!! YAY! Ohh, Charlie’s adorable!

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