Joyous Dressing Spotlight – Emma Hearl

Next up in the joyous dressing spotlight series is Emma Hearl.

Emma’s instragram bio confirms that she is a lover of vintage and second hand clothing and is the owner of @guilded_butterfly_vintage which is an online vintage store. She also asks us to join her on #SerotoninStyling for fun inspo to brighten your day (can confirm this absolutely works!).

I am obsessed with Emma’s sense of style! Literally everytime I open instagram I’ll see her latest posts and am just in awe of how amazing she looks and how well everything is put together to create these fantastic looks.

I was very curious to find out more about her and this is what she said..

I first saw a post on #joyousdressing hosted by @josephinedervish on my friend Lornas account. The lovely Josephine would post weekly challenges based on a theme. I loved that it gave me a focus to choose outfits based on a theme you could interpret which ever way you liked.

I have alot of clothes and it really sparked a creative process. I’d always loved fashion but found myself struggling to choose things to wear. All my pieces make me happy, they are mostly vintage and preloved. So to style and restyle to a theme in new ways impacted on my entire outfit choices. Then I started to bring in more makeup and hair details too. It means it takes a bit longer to get ready in the morning but I have more confidence than ever in those small efforts it takes.

I’ll have to get back to you on favourite challenges. There have been a few community based challenges that I have throughly enjoyed like those hosted by my friend Karin and Kamilla. Its all about the friendships you make through the hashtag challenges. It’s just awesome.

As mentioned earlier, Emma has her own hashtag ‘Serotonin Styling’ and I asked her to give me a little info on that, where did it come from, has it been going long?

Serotonin styling is for me wearing clothes that make you feel good, those fizzy feels when you wear a special piece. Doesn’t have to be mega glam or colourful anything from a hat to a pair of shoes…it just makes you feel good. I love all of my own pieces they tell a story. I remember where I got them from and why they need to be worn again and again.

Dressing happy for me sets a positive attitude and gets my day going right. Its only been going a few months. I had been chatting about it with my friend Lorna and just declared it as a hashtag I wanted to see.

Quick note from me here, at the time of writing this, the #serontoninstyling has 1000+ posts! Now back to Emma for the last bit of our discussion.

On the challenges themselves #guccigalstyle has probably been my favourite. I love all the characters dressups with full hair and makeup too though.

Personally, I am always gobsmacked that the world is not as in love with Emma and her pictures and looks as I am.. I mean, does she not look like a model to you? Either way, I’m very glad I met her, which is just one of the amazing things about the joyous dressing community.. but even more glad I get to introduce her to all of you! She is also the brains behind the faeriecore challenge I took part in! 🙂

If you want to check her out for youself, which I woud highly recommend, her insta is @emmahearl.tall.vintage

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Clothes can tell whatever story you want them to, so just do you and be happy!

Note: I got permission to use the pictures and feature the accounts prior to writing this.

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