Random memory dump.

When I was in primary school (which if you’re not in the UK is where kids age 4-11 go before secondary school), I remember there was a cigarette stub found in the girls toilets. I think we were all about 9 or 10 at the time, so it was considered equal parts cool and scary.. but mostly it went over our heads.

Our teachers asked the guilty party to come forward, or anyone who knew who it was to let the teachers know.. but no one spoke up. Other than the kids that did the smoking (if there was more than one) I don’t think anyone actually knew who it was anyway.

So all the girls in the top few years were kept inside at break time one day. The teacher who was known as being the scary one made us all sit on the floor in the assembly hall (that bit was normal don’t worry), in silence, and watch her eat a family size bar of dairy milk. Isn’t that crazy?

We all just sat there kinda scared because we were in trouble even though we hadn’t done anything, didn’t know who had done something.. and we were missing out on our break while everyone else played and ate their snacks outside.

Also, who eats a large amount of delicous chocolate in front of hungry and scared kids? Torture for sure!

I’m not sure if anyone did ever come forward but there were rumours about who it might have been and we didn’t get kept inside again after that day.

I don’t know why this popped into my head but it did, and I had a little what the heck moment where I wasn’t sure if it was a funny memory or a disturbing one! Either way I thought I’d share it.

Do you think teachers would get away with this nowadays?

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9 thoughts on “Random memory dump.

  1. Wild!! That’s a wild memory! Wow, there was a naughty smoker in your midst!! 😮 Huh. I remember that feeling of having the teacher or school bus driver mad at everyone. Sort of like schadenfreude? ‘Cause you’re sitting there thinking, I did nothing wrong here, but you know things are going to heck? Sort of a funny feeling! 😀 H AH AH HA HA HAHA! Great memory!!

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  2. I don’t believe they should get away with that at all. I remember teachers like her when I was in school too and when I look back, I can only conclude that teachers like her are just plain sadistic. I know quite a few sadistic teachers when I was in school and I know now that most of them were miserable people. Most of them were carrying a few mental health issues they were too proud to get treatment for. I don’t hate them, I pity them.

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