So good it’s noughty.

So over the years I have always had trouble with my scalp. It’s very sensitive, it scabs up and it gets sore and itchy (and bleeds, I know.. gross right).. dandruff has been a pretty constant thing in my adult life.

I was always pretty embarrased about it but no matter what products I used, nothing changed. I also never really talked to anyone about it because, why would I? It’s just another one of those things that lots of people suffer with but are too scared to speak up about for fear of being ridiculed.

When I say I’ve tried a lot of different products over the years I am not exaggerating. I’ve spent so much money on cheap, expensive, organic, miracle shampoos and conditioners and scalp scrubs.

While some of them did make my hair feel great, none of them really did anything about my scalp or dandruff.

Earlier this year I decided to try yet another new treatment, I’ve read alot of articles in the past and searched alot of products and I’d seen this company a few times before but never tried them.

I get my hair coloured fairly often so I was a little apprehensive that it may strip the colour but I double checked all the ingredients and satisfied that it was worth the risk, I ordered my first Noughty shampoo and conditioner from their Care Taker range, meant for dry, itchy or sensitive scalps.

If you read the info on their website, the company claims that this range: Calms sensitive and dandruff prone scalps, while gently cleansing hair. This 97% natural shampoo instantly relieves dry, itchy and dandruff-prone scalps. Contains bisabolol and oatmeal extract, with anti-irritant and scalp soothing properties, to help leave your scalp feeling super soothed. Down the sensitivity, up the attitude.

It does say that it can take up to eight washes to really see a difference, as there may be build up from previous product usage. So I decided to just use the shampoo and conditioner, record it on my social media, and withhold any judgement or check for positive or negative changes until those eight washes were done.

I’d read a lot of reviews before buying anything and one of the most common things people said was that their hair was a lot more tangled after using this than most other products, but they still recommended it.

I found the same thing, my hair was looking and feeling great but you did have to comb it out properly after washing or you’d end up snagging and knotting your hair. This makes me sound like I never brushed my hair before which isn’t true, but I only had the odd tangle or knot previously and with this there was noticeably more.

I’d bleached my hair a couple times this year and after the last time my hair was feeling a little dry, so not wanting to go outside of my Noughty hair trial, I ordered a hair mask from them too. I got the To The Rescue hair mask meant for dry and damaged hair: Noughty’s best-selling, deeply hydrating hair mask contains a gloriously rich formula of blended oils, which transforms even the driest of manes. Comes charging to the rescue to hydrate, restructure and transform hair in distress. This 97% natural formula is packed with sweet almond and black oat extracts to aid in improving hairs’ elasticity.

The hair mask was amazing and my hair instantly felt softer, wasn’t feeling dry anymore, and I found that it was much less tangled too.

My hairdresser even commented about how good my hair was looking and feeling considering how much bleach and permanent colour we’d put on it this year, and she suggested using the mask once a week to keep my hair feeling fresh and prevent it getting dry/damaged.

Today, the eight washes are over and done with, I’m still using the shampoo, conditioner and mask over a month later and I have no plans on changing anything.

I’m not saying it’s a miracle product and will work for everyone, because I’m sure different people will have different hair and scalp journeys. But, I can say that my hair is healthy, I will still get the odd scab and some dandruff if I don’t wash my hair for a few days but even if I leave it a week my scalp and hair are in much better condition than they ever have been.

I am truly grateful to Noughty for creating these products and making me feel more human and happy with myself and my appearance, and would definitely recommend them to anyone who wanted a decent hair care product. AND, my hair colour has lasted just as long as it ever did and looks great so the concern about it being stripped out by the new products was completely unfounded.

I used to take a selfie, see a bunch of dandruff, have to sort that out, and then re-take.. not anymore!

They have several ranges for different kinds of hair: Define waves, curls or coils – Nourish dry, damaged or weak hair – Soothe dry, itchy or sensitive scalps – Protect and enhance coloured hair – Enhance fine, limp or thin hair, and they also have a bodycare range that I may have to try too!

Just in case you think a company would pay me to try and sell their products (wouldn’t that be nice!) I bought and paid for everything I used and will continue paying for them because whilst I love them, I am a nobody and am simply happy that they exist and share my instagram stories sometimes! 🙂

Noughty was founded in 2016 by Rachel and Lorna who have been friends for over twenty years back when sun-in highlights, terrible perms and frizzy fringes were the hairstyles of dreams.
Both went on to become beauty industry experts who have worked for some of the most-loved natural brands in the world and, armed with this passion and knowledge, they were inspired to create an accessible naturals brand centred around high performance. And so, Noughty was born.

They recognised that the naturals world could be a confusing (and slightly dull) place so the aim was to keep Noughty simple, transparent and looking great on your bathroom shelf. Every Noughty product is rooted in the science of plant power and we aim to give open and transparent information about the science, ingredients and every formulation decision that powers product performance.

Noughty always sources responsibly with ethical farming, sustainable packaging choices and, where necessary, using synthetic ingredients to preserve natural resources.

If you are interested you can check them out yourself here!

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15 thoughts on “So good it’s noughty.

  1. Your hair is so freakin’ colorful and gorgeous! I still love it!!

    Interesting!! I’ve been bleaching my hair, too, and I never had tangles before, but now I do. Bleach really takes a toll! I also have dandruff, or something sinister going on up there, so I might try this product! Thanks for recommending it!! And who doesn’t love a noughty product? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know I spend ages looking at it after it’s done, the only time I love a mirror!

      Yeah it definitely takes a toll doesn’t it and I’m so happy with my experience I’d definitely say go for it if you can. And.. as you said, the name is a noughty bonus 😉


  2. Wow I’m so glad that you finally were able to try something that turned out to be helping you in the end! My skin is sensitive, but fortunately not that bad as you described…. So while I cannot begin to understand your struggles with your scalp and hair, I can understand the joy you must have felt when you saw (and felt) this product helping you! 😁 Very happy for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yeah my skin is dry and prone to eczema but I found that’s much more easily treated. It was a bit of a delayed celebration as I’ve tried so many things over the years I wasn’t quite sure it was as good as I’d hoped or if I was just trying to convince myself 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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