Wedding prep and pampering.

I was supposed to get married in October 2020, but like many other couples we had to postpone due to the pandemic.

We had all the big things taken care of.. but, just in case you didn’t know, weddings are a lot of work! As it’s been over a year since our plans had to be halted, and the rules have only just changed to make us think the wedding can definitely go ahead this year, we now have lots of the little things to get done.

Some of the more fun things for me as the bride, is the potential for beautification by trained professionals. I’ve never really worried about what my nails look like to other people, but there’ll be pictures galore on the big day, many focusing on the rings.. so, I had to think about getting a manicure (I was actually told to think about it by a felllow bride to be who was surpised I hadn’t yet).

Along with this, I have open toed shoes so then I had to think about those nails too! Hence, one day last week, I had a little pamper session, got my very first pedicure, and had a manicure too!

Apparently one of the more traditional looks for brides is a nude colour or french tip. I am not a particularly traditional person, I mean, I’m gonna have multi-coloured hair on the day so why would I have a plain nail look? I’m not saying it’s bad or looks bad, it’s just not ‘me’.

I had fun looking at all the colours and asked if we could try one but maybe fancy it up a bit and the lovely lady suggested glitter, as she is a big fan of it. I quite like what we ended up with and I’ll probably go with this for the wedding.

Interestingly.. this colour is called Impulsive.

Apologies if you don’t like feet, neither do I really! But I have been having fun documenting things so here’s a little collection of my feet being soaked, clean and dry, and then coloured.

I’m quite a ticklish person and I HATE when people try and tickle my feet so I was a little nervous how I’d find getting a pedicure done. I told the lady it was my first one and she was suprised (are they a popular thing? I don’t know) but excited to give me my first pedicure. She said she loves doing peoples nails, it makes her happy, feet included.

It was actually quite soothing having someone take proper care of your feet and toenails and I didn’t get freaked out and kick her (which was a genuine fear going in haha).

I went for a darker colour on my tootsies as let’s face it, though you can see two toes with my shoes they are not going to be on display all day as my dress will cover them most of the time and I am a fan of the deeper, darker shades.

Even more interesting than Impulsive, this colour is called Heartless! So, for my wedding mani/pedi I had chosen Impulsive and Heartless..

To top off this day of being pampered and having fun with colours, we had some cake samples to try and decide on.

We’d already decided on red velvet (SO tasty) for our bottom tier, my partner wanted one of his faves which is carrot or lemon as one of the tiers (so not tasty) and then we wanted a third one for the top that was maybe a little different.

Like everything else, it had been over a year since we’d paid our deposit and met the vendor. So to try and remember what we’d tested and what we’d preferred out of them was just not gonna happen.

I left the carrot and lemon slices for him to try as I personally can’t stand them but we split the other four up into a few smaller slices to taste and rank.

We tried the passion fruit and vanilla first, very nice, bit of a tang. Then we tried the pink gin and raspberry and we both looked at each other with big ole smiles full of cake. Delicious! We had a front runner.

Then came the Neapolitan which is great as an ice cream (that we all ate as kids right?) but just didn’t translate how we’d imagined in a cake. The strawberry was very strong and the chocolate very rich so they just didn’t mix, poor old vanilla just sat in the middle trying to join the party.

So we still had the pink gin and raspberry as our front runner, but we were both excited to try the pistachio and rose as we’d fallen in love with pistachio gelato a few years back and thought this may blow everything else out the water.

This is where the jury split. He loved it, I did not. I like pistachio but not as a cake with actual pistachio chopped up throughout and mixed with rose water, not for me.

Pink gin and raspberry it is!

Two days were spent sampling the carrot and lemon cake back and forth, and he’s decided to go left field and selected lemon and elderflower off the flavour listing without trying it.

I currently work part time due to mental health and chronic illness, and do not generate an income from my blog. If you would like to support me and my writing you can ‘buy me a coffee’ which will help me keep following my dream and I will be forever grateful 💜

9 thoughts on “Wedding prep and pampering.

  1. FINGERNAILS!! AND CAKE!! I’M SALIVATING!! Oh my gosh, I didn’t know you were getting married!! Congratulations!! YAY!! YAY!! Happytimes!! (I’ve never had a mani or pedi either!) 😮 (Now I want to!) 😮

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad my fingernails make you salivate 😜 I’d suggest you try the cakes yourself but you’re too far away. I can suggest you book yourself a little pamper session one day though, if you think it’ll be enjoyable for you then why the heck not!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah the lovely things about wedding planning! We had a two tier cake, one chocolate, one carrot. It was a very purple wedding so one tier was purple icing with white heart and the other tier was the inverse. Your flavours sound utterly delicious!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Do it! I went a bit bridezilla and Hobbycraft didn’t know what hit it 😂 I made purple invites, purple place cards, table numbers, I even made purple bracelets for my bridesmaids, who wore purple dresses. For favours we had purple smarties and individual Cadbury chocolates. I enjoyed it so much I considered becoming a wedding planner! The exuberance of youth, I was only 25


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