Being human right now is exhausting.

I spent most of my day looking at online abuse and racism and reporting as much as possible.

I feel angry, sad and disappointed in my fellow human beings that this shit is tolerated, let alone gotten away with over something they want to call the beautiful game?!

There is a screenshot of a point scoring system encouraging people to abuse or assault (in varying degrees) any black person they come across because apparently it is this poor persons fault that England didn’t win.

What’s beautiful about being a thug, a bully, a racist? Nothing. If you support the team up until they disappoint you then newsflash, you’re not really supporting them.

I’ve also seen lots of reminders of all the brilliant things these footballers have done for charity, for their communities.. and in this particular situation, I don’t care. It doesn’t matter. Please don’t misunderstand me here, I applaud what they have done and probably will continue to do with their time, money and platform but even if they’d never done any of it, abusing them, sending them threats online, abusing their families.. simply because of the colour of their skin and the fact they missed a penalty is NOT OK.

How people can say racism isn’t as bad in the UK or it’s not really a thing here anymore is ridiculous. And if you genuinely did believe that, now you know for a fact it’s not true. What are you going to do about it?

You may not condone the behaviour but if you don’t speak up, report it, do something.. you can’t claim to be an innocent party anymore.

It’s absolutely exhausting giving a shit about other people when there is so much hate in this world, but I know I’m not the only one, and we need help to change the system, fight the oppression, and ensure people start facing consequences for their actions.

If you wouldn’t say it to your brother, your sister, your parent or your friend.. why is it ok to say it to them? We are ALL human. Start acting like it.

6 thoughts on “Being human right now is exhausting.

  1. I am doing this self imposed exposure therapy,forcing myself to use Facebook for its positives rather than letting my depression and anxiety control me and practice avoidance. It is grueling. The people who are rude is one thing. The stories of animal abuse,even with a happy outcome,make me feel like my soul is bleeding out. I am trying to speak up,sign petitions,report-but confrontation type situations are crippling for me so maybe I should try harder,and not just being so passionate about animals. I just feel like I am giving my all right now. It is so difficult balancing moral issues and mental issues.🙁

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