The undoing.

Just for fun I decided to count how many pins I had to take out of my hair before bed after my wedding hair trial the other day.

Then I thought it’d be interesting to see how it looked every ten pins so I took pictures.

Here’s before I started, holding up pretty well!

Then I took my first ten pins out (pins or hair slides, whatever you call them).

Not too bad, a little messy, onto the next ten, which is twenty total.

Little bit more volume here and I can’t lie, I was liking this!

Next ten, which is thirty pins removed looked like…

Not much change visible from the front, little more messy I guess.

Then, I could not do the next ten.. as I could only locate another seven pins. But here, after randomly pushing and pulling my hair and head about to make sure I had indeed found all the pins, a total of thirty seven pins removed.. is what my hair looked like.

I LOVED this, I’ve always wanted big curly, bouncy hair.. they say you want what you haven’t got don’t they. I did then end up messing around and taking pictures in the bathroom for about ten minutes cause I was obsessed with my hair.

I even sat in front of the fan in my room feeling my music video fantasy. I feel no shame in admitting it either 😂

I hope you enjoyed this journey of my hair in various states of disarray, I certainly did.

I currently work part time due to mental health and chronic illness, and do not generate an income from my blog. If you would like to support me and my writing you can ‘buy me a coffee’ which will help me keep following my dream and I will be forever grateful 💜

9 thoughts on “The undoing.

  1. Very pretty colors,shame you had to pin them up. I would totally want the end result here in my wedding pics over an updo😉😜

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