Bridal hair trial today.

Ok so my previous post was pretty doom and gloom, but that’s how I’ve been feeling and that’s ok.

This morning I was dreading my appointment to try some hairstyles for the wedding but silly old me, I’ve never left my hairdressers anything but happy.

We had a good natter, looked at some pictures for inspiration and here is what I ended up with.

I love it 💜 it’s so beautiful, I never do anything nice with my hair (other than colouring it obviously). I even wore it home just so I could continue feeling pretty!

There will be some changes for the big day but this is essentially the bulk of it. I’m very pleased with how it looks with all the different colours too!

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6 thoughts on “Bridal hair trial today.

  1. Your colours look so great in that style! I am exactly the same with hairdressers. I get nervous about going but I am always happy with the outcome.

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