Joyous dressing spotlight – Ruby Red Vintage

Next up in the joyous dressing spotlight series is Ruby Red Vintage!

This account was one I saw every now and then in my.. intro? to joyous dressing. At the time I was feeling a little overwhelmed with things so I’d stopped following people for a bit.

It didn’t take long for me to think myself and Ruby Red had a lot in common and I started following her. Everything she was posting had something to do with music, which I love, or vintage/retro fashion.. which I also love!

In a shocking turn of events (not really), it turns out she’s a total sweetheart.

We got to chatting a little more often, commenting on eachother’s posts and joining in on challenges and I finally got the courage to ask if she’d mind me writing about her for the blog.

As always, I asked how she’d come across joyous dressing and here’s what she had to say.

I came across Joyous dressing purely by accident and am so happy I did!

I started my Instagram page in June 2020 during lockdown as therapy to keep my mind off all the negative news at that time. I knew nothing about how to navigate around Instagram but
I started just writing bits about my life as an ice-skater years ago, my passion for 1950s fashion and all things James Bond! Joyous Dressing helped me feel supported by like minded people, it also helped me to evolve and feel so much more positive about myself plus I have met a cracking group of people there!

My favourite ever challenge was in Sept 2020.. when I dressed up as Malificent for Gothic Horror Week! Its when I discovered I could create different backgrounds too and I could utilise the story element to pick music to go with it!

Fast forward to this year when I started doing my own Music Weeks intermittently for fun and blending them into other challenges…I live for music so this seemed the natural thing to do…then they started to get really busy too and a few of people suggested I have my own hashtag which I would never have dreamed about last year when I started this journey..but here I am hosting #rubyredmusikmix and absolutely loving it!

See what I mean? She’s fab! The music week challenges have been something I look forward to immensely since I discovered them.

Even if I don’t always join in (usually due to anxiety, chronic pain or depression) it is so fun to see all the different styles and interpretations of the songs or the music that people come up with and express in their picures and posts.

Sometimes it’s through fashion, sometimes it’s the words that accompany the picture, some people use props or locations.. it’s just really good fun, and I am very grateful that they exist.

If you’d like to check out her insta for yourself you will find her @rubyredvintageuk

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Clothes can tell whatever story you want them to, wear all the colours if you want to, or wear only one colour, dress like a hippie, mix all the styles.. just do you and be happy!

Note: I got permission to use the pictures and feature the accounts prior to writing this.

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