I didn’t do any affirmations for two or three weeks, it felt like too much pressure, but I think it was because I had had a relapse of some of my more intense PTSD symptoms so I just had to give myself the time and space needed to cope, and deal with those.

‘I am grateful for every part of my life so far, as it lead me to where I am today’ – What a perfect card for to pull for how I was feeling. This is genuinely something I struggle with all the time. Am I grateful for my life? Yes it has led me to where I am, I have a job I really like (when I am not signed off for my mental health), a fiance I love, a dog who is just the cutest and looks after me as much as I look after him. BUT, I have been through a lot, some really horrific stuff, I’ve had years of bad mental and physical health… would I really, honestly and truly say yes it was all worth it to be where I am now? If all those things had never happened would I still have the family and friends and life that I do now? We could never know.. but it does weigh on me sometimes.

‘I make effort everyday to create a life I love’ – I think this is a good one. It could feel like pressure if you took it that way, but I made myself really sit and think about it. Making effort every day to create the life I love doesn’t mean doing something big or intense every day. It could mean, choosing to do something for myself for half an hour, calling a friend I haven’t spoken to in a while, going for a nice walk with the dog. It could mean whatever you want it to, and I appreciate that.

Some days you have it in you to do the big things, but life changing doesn’t have to mean all or nothing. Taking a day to rest, to truly rest without worrying or feeling guilty is effort, even though we all deserve it!

Do either of these resonate with you, let me know!

I currently work part time due to mental health and chronic illness, and do not generate an income from my blog. If you would like to support me and my writing you can ‘buy me a coffee’ which will help me keep following my dream and I will be forever grateful 💜

5 thoughts on “Affirmations

  1. Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous woofer!! I love that second photo especially!! Pup is soooo adorable!! Begging for a pat!! And he takes his job as card displayer very seriuosly! (He? She?)

    Sorry your PTSD was working up! Have you had EMDR? I swear by it!!

    I love your affirmations!!

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    1. Haha yes Charlie is a good boy, he knows how important it is to talk about our mental health and is an expert poser! 😂

      Yes I’m having EMDR at the moment, I’ve had four more sessions approved by my insurance.

      They are good aren’t they!

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