Blogger Interview With Jen

I really want to thank Jen for being part of this interview. As you guys know we take mental health very seriously on lifesfinewhine and I really …

Blogger Interview With Jen

I currently work part time due to mental health and chronic illness, and do not generate an income from my blog. If you would like to support me and my writing you can ‘buy me a coffee’ which will help me keep following my dream and I will be forever grateful 💜

4 thoughts on “Blogger Interview With Jen

  1. Great answers!! I love the concept of the Moon children!! 😮 And Chinese takeout!! I’m glad you reached out to your doctor instead of jumping in front of the train!!

    I like a few musicals! My faves are “Little Shop of Horrors,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “Godspell.” YAY!!

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