What’s in the box?! – The Plant Planet Box Review

‘An urge. A desire. Passion. These feelings fueled us to want to try more plant based products. Everyday more new products were available and we wanted to try them all but that seemed impossible. As caring and compassionate people we wanted to share our quest with you. The Plant Planet Box was born, a plant based, eco-friendly and vegan subscription box.’

The above excerpt is from The Plant Planet Box website.

I am not a vegan, but I am trying to find more eco-friendly products to use in my day to day life. I’ve made a few small changes here and there, most recently switching to a natural deodorant, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, or what to try, so I started looking through subscription boxes to see if there were any doing what I wanted.

There’s a lot of make up or skin care specific ones but I’m not a big make up person and didn’t want to spend huge amounts for skincare that potentially wouldn’t be any good for me (I have sensitive skin), I wanted something that covered a wider range, and then I came across this.

The boxes include a variety of food, drink and lifestyle products. Perfect match right!

Boxes are dispatched on the 1st of each month, you can sign up whenever you want and recieve your first box at the beginning of the next month.

I signed up in April so I had already missed that box, and got my first box in June. The box is delivered by Royal Mail.

The subscription options are: £13.99 for a one time purchase, £12.99 a month for a three month subscription, £11.99 a month for six months, £10.99 a month for twelve months, and a £10 monthly fee for an ongoing subscription, which you can cancel anytime.

There is also the option to pause your subscription which is something I always appreciate, as we never know what life is going to throw your way!

The aim is for six to eight products in each box, I got these six products in my June box.

So we got some Milliways Super Natural Gum in Watermelon Wonder. This gum is plant based, sugar free and has zero plastic. I do not personally like watermelon, and gum is not really my thing as I have pretty intense jaw pain, but I am going to give this to one of my vegan friends and they are excited to try it.

H!P Chocolate (Happiness In Plants) is made with oat milk which is allergen-free, soy-free, gluten-free, whilst also being plastic free and one of the most sustainable alternative milk choices. We got the Salty Pretzel flavour which I was pretty excited to try as soon as I saw it, salt and chocolate just go so well together!

Me and my fiance split it, we ate it over two nights (how good of us right!) and I can confirm I would definitely get this again. It was the first time either of us had tried oat milk chocolate, and it was good, but the distribution of the salted pretzels throughout the bar was just.. perfection!

The Sweet Lounge fizzy sweets come in a pouch designed to keep the sweets in perfect condition, but is compostable, plastic-free, and contributes toward planting and conserving trees in the Amazon Rainforest. So far so good right?!

Personally I am not a huge sweets fan, i’m definitely a chocolate lover, whereas my partner loves sweets, like, really really loves them, alot. We opened these up not expecting much just kinda curious, but let me tell you, they are super tasty. Of the few sweets I do eat stawberry flavoured ones and fizzy or sour ones are what I would typically choose and these were spot on.

If you don’t want my chocolate loving opinion on it, then I can confirm the other tester in question thoroughly enjoyed them too! The only issue he raised is that compared to a bag of sweets you’d grab in the supermarket they are probably a little more expensive (he is the ‘responsible/nagging one when it comes to money). For me I think it comes down to what you value, do you want to pay less and get more sweets, or do you want to pay a little more for vegan sweets that come in plastic free and compostable packaging?

Ocean Saver is something I was already looking into so I was pretty excited to get this in the box. You put the sachet in your spray bottle, (they recommend a 750ml bottle and sell a plastic free option) fill it with water and you are all set and ready to get cleaning.

‘The Ocean is precious and we want it to stay that way for future generations but plastic is destroying it fast and polluting our planet to the point that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish.

Homecare generates more than 29 billion plastic containers each year. At OceanSaver, we have taken a stand and created a solution. Our plant-based, non-toxic EcoDrops transform in water, creating a safe and powerful product to clean your home spotlessly, while you play your part in something vital. Small change. Big impact.’ – excerpt from the Ocean Saver website.

Super tasty and healthy – Karma bites are crispy spheres of wholesome goodness. They are gluten free, vegan friendly, low in fat, low in calories and are a source of protein.

The above is a statement on the Karma Bites website, sounds good to me! They have a few different flavours, and I’d read somewhere that this particular flavour has been compared to the toffee popcorn you buy and eat at home so I was excited to try it.

Alas, I took it to my sisters house when we were having a catch up/movie night and we ended up taking the dog out and talking so much we completely forgot to try them.

She did try them a few days later and was not a fan, so I still don’t really know what they taste like but would be open to trying them in the future.

So I had no idea what nooch was (apologies nooch lovers), but it turns out it is a nutritional yeast.

The Notorious Nooch website suggets that you sprinkle it on anything that needs a smoky kick. Chuck it on chips, wings, spuds or soup. Top your greens or take your carbonara sauce to the next level. They have a cheese flavour too and have some suggestions for you to try which is pretty cool if you, like me, are excited but clueless!

I had wanted to try cooking with it before posting but my chronic pain and depression have both been pretty severe so I have just not had the energy. When I do, I believe I will give the sweet potato fries and the spag bol ideas a go, and will probably let you all know how it went.. i’m thinking it’ll be a complete success, or total failure, no middle of the road for me.

All in all I’m really pleased with the box. I was introduced to a bunch of new things, which is what I was after in the first place. I’m for sure going to use the Ocean Saver and would happily buy a few of the other products in future.

I’m excited to see what the July box brings!

I currently work part time due to mental health and chronic illness, and do not generate an income from my blog. If you would like to support me and my writing you can ‘buy me a coffee’ which will help me keep following my dream and I will be forever grateful 💜


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