Congratulations to Jessontheplussize!

I started following Jess (jessontheplussize aka Jess Millichamp) on insta towards the end of 2020. I’d only had my new profile for the blog a couple months and I was trying to only follow accounts that would make me happy.

Boy was I right about Jess! You know when you have one of those friends who you could talk to about anything, that you could dress up full glam together for a night out, or sit in your pjs – makeup free eating junk food and watching movies? That’s the vibe I got from Jess, and that is the kind of vibe I live for.

Her insta bio confirms that she is a public figure, a geordie lass, a fashion and makeup enthusiast and a professional waffler/story teller. You only need to watch a few of her stories or jump on a live to see that that is an accurate description, she is a true waffler and we love it!

Jess worked a ‘day job’ as well as doing her social media work, get ready with me, stories, hauls.. all that jazz. You’d see her at home talking about the latest product she was trying, she’d be doing a haul or having a laugh with her husband and sometimes we’d even get to see her cute little dog Darcy (she is so cute!!).

Jess has worked with some great brands and recently she was asked to be one of the models for Stacey Solomon’s new In The Style collection and it felt like the whole of insta was happy for her! It’s pretty clear from all of the posts and stories and well wishes that Jess has a big community of people behind her and it’s not hard to see why. We got to see some behind the scenes, the make up, the fun and awkward activity that is posing, some of the other models.. Jess was on an adventure and we were definitely along for the ride 🙂

Would you believe, after all the excitement with Stacey’s ITS collection, Jess had been keeping a secret the whole time. She had her own collection coming out! Watching the stories of Jess telling us what had been happening and when it was going to be coming out was emotional. You could see how much it meant, and how proud she was of the work that had gone into it and I may have teared up a little with her (don’t tell anyone).

All the pictures throughout this post are of Jess’ collection and they are gorgeous! She has now left her ‘day job’ to do all of this full time and honestly I couldn’t be happier for her, it feels just like when one of your good friends gets good news!

Jess and Courtney aka curlycurvyclub

As with most collections some PR boxes were sent out, and lucky me I already follow a few of the gals that got one (cue me dreaming of being part of the gang). Seeing Jess in the collection was great, then getting to see some of the other women that I follow online, that inspire me with their confidence and style every day was just *chefs kiss*.

One of the best things about her videos is that she always gives you the pros and cons of anything she is wearing. Whether it’s true to size, whether it’s long or short, does it fit in one area and not the other?

Knowing this, how much she cares and wants things to be perfect for you, having her work on her own collection is truly exciting. I’m not saying the big brands and designers get it wrong but I do think sometimes there is a disconnect between the designers, and the plus size bodies that will be wearing the clothes.

There seems to be something for everyone, for every occasion in this collection. If I had the money and space I would’ve ordered pretty much everything, but as it was I kind of chose a few pieces that I wanted, and just hoped I’d be quick enough to get them.

I spent all morning waiting for the collection to go live at 12 and then somehow got distracted and realised it was 12:15 already, typical! The collection was so popular that I actually only managed to get one of the three or four things I was definitely trying to get. But luckily a few days later some of the items became available again, and as I was on insta when Jess posted the update I managed to get another one of my chosen pieces.

Jess and Poppy Adams

This crop cardigan is actually one of the things I wanted but couldn’t get, though I’m hopeful I’ll get it eventually. Look how good it is! Poppy and Jess doing a great job at making me wish I had one 🙂

There’s alot of pink and florals, well it’s probably not like A LOT, but for me, who avoided pink and florals for most of my adult life, it feels like alot. BUT, very strangely, the pink rose print wrap maxi and skirt were the things I was drawn to most!

I am trying to branch out a little and wear things that scare me, that I never thought I could pull off or viewed as too feminine/girly for me (wow that feels silly to say now), and the skirt was the first thing I managed to get, and the dress a few days later! Maybe I’ll show you how they look another time if I’m feeling brave enough.

This dress was one of my maybe’s, I really wanted it but couldn’t justify spending as much as I would have had I gone for everything I wanted. Sorry dress, maybe one day!

I love the colour and the shape, how it’s fitted and shirred in all the right places.

Finding nice plus size clothing genuinely used to be really difficult, and there are obviously still issues but the number of companies and collections working with, and for the plus size community is much better now. Plus size influencers and models are being seen in a more positive light and when you have people like Jess, who are just genuine and happy, having a good time, enjoying getting to know people and bringing them into their world.. it’s great!

All photos used here are featured on Jess’s insta, the inthestyle and inthestylecurve insta and Poppy Adams/ Curlycurvyclub accounts respectively.

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