What’s in the box?! – Wilde Mode Review

Wilde Mode are an independent Vegan brand based in Dundee, Scotland. The company was founded in August 2018 and launched in January 2019. Deborah Breen (Debz), the founder of Wilde Mode began the journey after a struggle with her mental health.

The company prides themselves on having a 100% carbon neutral footprint. The packaging company they use plant trees for every cardboard box used, and they also plant trees for every sale made using a company called Ecologi!

Everything is made to order, so when you purchase a product, it is handmade just for you!

Wilde Mode values themselves on being gender and size-inclusive and they try to promote mind, body and soul confidence. They aim to provide their customers with empowerment, confidence, self-esteem and pride in being who they truly are.

Loving what you hear? Me too.

On the Sustainable Living page, you can find reusable absorbency pads and reusable wipes.

I got myself some of the resusable wipes as I like to have something to scrub my face and body with in the shower but am not a huge fan of those shower puffs/poufs whatever you call them.

The wipes are chosen at random so I didn’t know what I was gonna get, but they are so cute! I feel like they secretly knew who I was because I got one appealing to my dark side and one for my colourful fantasy side 🙂

You can get them as 4″x4″ or 6″x6″ and I ordered two of the bigger ones with the intention of using them as a body cloth.

They are made using high quality eco-tex cotton lycra and cotton/bamboo terry towelling or 100% cotton muslin, entirely plastic free!

Every time I go on the website I want to order pretty much everything I see, but you gotta think of your wallet and try to have some patience sometimes..

However, lucky old me, I got one of the 4″x4″ as a freebie! It’s so cute and is now what I use for washing my face! I got two of the larger ones so I could have them in rotation so no doubt I’ll buy myself another one of these smaller ones for the same reason.

Honestly I was chuffed to see it in the box and started using them all pretty quickly after getting them. You just wash them and re-use them.. fabulous! No more makeup wipes for me.

When Debz (the founder) heard about Steph sewing to help with her mental health journey, she started sending her the offcuts that were too small to be used by Wilde Mode.

Steph works her magic and makes Bonnie Hair Bows that help mental health, available on the Wilde Mode website.

You can get them in small, medium or large, as a single or double bow. I ordered three bows in different sizes and one double so I’d get a good mix and these are the one’s I got!

Cute right?! I’ll definitely be keeping one for myself but I wanted to give one away to cheer someone up and one of them will probably be a birthday present.

All of the offcuts from Wilde Mode are donated to a charity called Uppertunity which is a charity that help people with additional needs, a local college for the textile students, or sent to Steph. All factory waste is either recycled or up-cycled.

The Wilde Mode comfort tops were the first thing I saw, one of the people I follow on insta was wearing one of their sets and my brain went oooh yes please, and that’s where my love of this company began (without yet ordering anything).

‘This Comfy racerback top offers the comfort of a bralette without the wires, and full coverage so you won’t even notice you’re wearing it (what a relief) and has no nasty seams or itchy labels that dig or irritate.’

They have a rainbow brights collection, which is the comfort tops and briefs, available in every colour of the rainbow with a signature trademarked soft rainbow chest band.

Then there is the exclusive comfort top selection, which honestly is full of fun and awesome patterns with equally as fun (and sometimes naughty) names.

I’m a big horror/gore fan and as soon as I saw the Beetlejuice pattern (above) I absolutely had to get it. You can get it in purple or black and white, they both looked awesome but purple is my favourite colour so that decision was made for me.

I laid it out so I could take a pic for all of you but I couldn’t wait to get it on!

Spoiler alert, I LOVE IT! First of all it looks incredible and secondly it is SO comfortable. The coverage is great (I’m bending forward in the above pic and there is alot more boob in the top than out of it!) and there’s no part of it that feels tight or stretched.

There are no wires or crazy contraptions to lift and squeeze but you feel comfy and still get some light support – perfection!

Wilde Mode make their products to fit all bodies, the size range is XXS to 6XL which I personally don’t recall seeing anywhere else (I may be wrong, but it’s definitely rare).

I already want to order lots more, including some of the other bits I’ve yet to try, I’ve even suggested a gift card for my birthday present to my family 🙂 But I would happily recommend any of these products to anyone!

I hope you enjoyed my little show and tell, and thoroughly recommend you go check Wilde Mode out for yourself!

As always, let me know what you think, especially if you buy anything!

5 thoughts on “What’s in the box?! – Wilde Mode Review

  1. Ooooh, fun rainbowy goodness!! Love it! I need some of the wipes! I use baby wipes all the time for dusting the furniture and other things!! Permanent rainbowy wipes would be too awesome!! And the Beetlejuice… wow!! I love that movie. Haven’t seen it in ages. Way to rock the Beetlejuice!! And oh my gosh, they use rainbow thread to sew the wipes’ borders. Wow!! I love it!!

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