Joyous dressing spotlight – The mature bohemian

A few weeks ago I posted about the Joyous Dressing movement, and the wonderful lady who started it. I enjoyed learning more about it and am grateful for so many of the wonderful people it has introduced me to so I decided to write a ‘spotlight series’. This means I can highlight some of those people, their fab personalities and stories and share even more beautiful pictures.

One of the first people I got chatting to was Tamela Hart aka #thematurebohemian. Her Instagram bio confirms that she is a 57 year old blogger, championing ‘positive aging’, ‘body confidence’, ‘thrifted style’ and ‘mindful living’. There is also the quote – Dress like everyday is a fiesta – Frida Khalo.

Tamela is so wonderful and supportive and she is a constant source of warmth and inspiration on my feed.

Instagram @tamelahart

I asked Tamela some questions about how she’d come across joyous dressing, and what, if any impact it had had on her day to day life.. here’s what she said.

I learned about joyous dressing through Instagram. I was very new to the platform (about a year ago) and started searching up women of my age (over 50 ish) with an interest in thrifted style. I was looking for inspiration, connection and meaningful interactions.

One day, Josephine Dervish came into my feed. Her use of colour, homemade jewellery pieces and combinations of patterns blew me away. Her hashtag was #joyousdressing. I liked everything about her. Her inclusive nature, humour, willingness to be bold, and especially her kindness towards others. I have been a faithful follower since. I would say she has been the biggest influence on me and has helped me build a community of like minded women. 

Josephine has been an inspiration to so many people and it’s such a pleasure to hear people talk about how she has touched their lives and helped them feel free to be themselves.

Instagram @tamelahart

It has had a big impact on my day to day life. Especially during the isolated times of Covid. Even though these women are only known through the channel of social media- I check in with them, and am genuinely interested in their lives. Because I participate and host style challenges, I am continually inspired in my style choices. I have been pushed out of many comfort zones and can say that my style has evolved considerably.  

I dress up everyday – Covid be damed! It’s just my nature. But the community I check in with and share photos with make it way more fun and purposeful. I was thinking about it the other day and realized just how important my insta friends are. They have helped me keep my sanity and provide the connection I need. 

Instagram @tamelahart

As you can see from the pictures I’ve posted throughout the blog, Tamela does a great job rocking different styles and pieces so I asked her what her favourite look and challenge might have been.

My favourite look and challenge has been the “boho” one I ran with Liv (Insta @popeyeandolivevintagestyling). We have a similar style and a love of boho and the theatrical – she more than me! I try to participate in any challenge that makes me be more creative and try mixing different style elements that I might not do on my own. I really like collaborating with other women when I run a challenge. 

Lastly, a year ago, I would never have thought that this platform of amazing women would be so important to me. I also couldn’t have foreseen the changes that my style has gone through. But the coolest thing is that as I age (I’m 57), I feel that I’ve found a supportive place to play with ageing, and become more bold. 

Tamela also runs the # thursdaysthriftedstyle, which is all about sharing your preloved fashion.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and would thoroughly recommend checking Tamela’s posts out, you’ll no doubt find some fierce fashion and a fun personality to go with it!

Instagram @tamelahart

Note: I got permission to use the pictures and feature the accounts prior to writing this.

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