Monday Monday!

Happy Bank Holiday Monday to you all, or just Monday if it’s not a bank holiday for you, from me and the spot on my chin that won’t go away! I actually have several all on my chin at the moment but only one central and eye catching, thanks hormones!

I typically hate pictures of myself and as you know I’m trying to be kinder, but having my hair coloured and my lashes done I’m like boom here is my no makeup and no filter, everyday face! 🥰

My hair is the one self care thing I do regularly as it makes me feel so much more like myself and my lashes I got done this weekend to see if I want them like this for the wedding. I am loving it though.

Quick update on my Wuka boxers. I wore them most of the day yesterday and overnight last night (not the same pair don’t worry) and honestly no complaints!

Although this has been a painful cycle (as always) it hasn’t been as heavy as normal so I do feel like I still need to experience that but I remain happy with my purchase.

I’ll probably not do much today as the pain takes it out of me but I hope you do something nice if you can!

5 thoughts on “Monday Monday!

  1. Hi there! I was following you but not getting notifications, so I had to go into my settings! Problem solved, I hope!

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE RAINBOW HAIR!!!! How pretty are you? The blue is a direct match of your eyes! Love it!

    I had rainbow hair several years ago, and I’ll try to remember to post some photos on my blog. I want to do it again! I mean, have rainbow hair. Awesomeness! What could be cooler?

    I’m glad you do hair self-care often. It’s harder for me because I have to talk myself into the shower. I always feel great when my hair’s clean, though!!

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    1. Oh my gosh thank you so much ☺️ I love having colourful hair, I’ve so many different cuts and lengths and colours over the years! I’d love to see your pics of your coloured hair too, and if you ever need a nudge in that direction I’m happy to be the bad influence 🤣

      Yes showering is very difficult for me when the depression is bad and also with chronic pain but I do always feel better after it’s done!

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      1. I’m sorry you have chronic pain! That bites! 😦

        Yeah, I even had my passport photo taken when I had the rainbow hair! One time at the airport (at some later point when my hair was one color) it didn’t scan right, so the man there looked at my passport and said, “Ah, yes, rainbow hair. Go on through.” 😀 Yes, definitely be the bad influence! YAY

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