Not the Sunday I was expecting.

I wanted to go out somewhere nice with the dog, somewhere we would have to drive to so we could both be in nature and have fun exploring.

The weather is certainly good for it, though me being me I’d have to lather on the factor 50 before we left.

Charlie enjoying the sunshine on a previous walk.

I woke up to my alarm at 8:30 which I have set for every day at the moment, even though I often turn it off before it has a chance to sound and sleep as long as possible.

I’ve been signed off work since February and trying to get into a semi ‘normal’ sleeping pattern is pretty important before I go back. I’ve always struggled with insomnia but anyone with depression can tell you how easy it is for your brain to be on high alert all night and only let you finally fall into a short exhausted slumber in the early hours of the next day.

I actually stayed awake this morning instead of trying for more sleep, partly due to the cup of tea that was kindly made for me and partly because I’d gotten my period.

This meant my plan for the day was immediately a no go.

I recently purchased some ‘period pants and boxers’ from Wuka and was excited/nervous to try them. Periods for me essentially mean a lot of pain, a lot of tablets, hot water bottles and a large number of nighttime pads. I can’t really go anywhere or do anything as the flow and pain is quite extreme, so I figured I’d try the boxers today.

Wuka boxers, enjoy my butt.

I’ve been to the loo twice since and so far so good but I’ll write a proper post about my experience with them and whether I’d recommend them or not. Sustainable products are a wonderful thing and if they work for me it’ll be a big improvement lifestyle and sustainability wise.

Stepping away from the period talk, I was scrolling through Instagram and had a moment of reflection. There are a lot of people I’ve only started following and talking to this year but they’ve made a big impact on my feed and my mental health.

I used to follow a lot of celebrities and people I’d seen on reality tv, and whilst I’m not saying they were all bad, I did feel like I was failing to live up to the standards they set. A lot of impossibly slim and glamorous people (impossible without money and a team I mean), selling products or choices that weren’t really going to help me.

When I started my blog I started new social media accounts and I’ve been trying to follow accounts that are more open, honest, inspiring.. things that make me feel good or that I can relate to.

I guess I felt a little soppy and grateful for a while earlier today as I shared a bunch of the accounts that I love on my story, telling them exactly that. They make me happy, they inspire me, and they make me feel like part of a community.

I’m great at sharing the truth about the struggles and the pain but embracing the good where you can is important too, so I’m going to try and work on that.

Apologies for the rambling post of several subjects, I just felt like sharing. Do you have any accounts you follow that inspire you or help you feel like you belong?

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