Three years ago..

Feeling reflective and wanted to share some of the positivity and love I’m feeling today during some darker times.

Three years ago today we got engaged. At this point in time we should have been married for about seven months, but as you know a global pandemic happened.

We’re hoping the wedding goes ahead this October, even if it doesn’t look anything like it was originally supposed to.

Life is full of change and surprises, good and bad. We’ve been facing a lot of challenges, but I’ve been very lucky to have the support from my partner and my friends and family and I just want to say how grateful I am for that.

I’m also grateful for the people I’ve found online, the people I’ve met through blogging and Instagram have definitely lifted me up over this past year ,and if you don’t know it, I love you 💜

Keep doing what you’re doing, share your good times and bad, and know there are people out there who see you, understand you and appreciate you.

8 thoughts on “Three years ago..

  1. Thank you for this. I follow a dozen mental health based blogs and I adore the writers and am so happy when things go well for them.
    Sometimes,though,it seems everyone BUT me is doing well and putting out positive vibes…and I feel ripped in half because I am not one of them
    I really appreciate the good vibes being forwarded by someone in a less dark place than me.
    I wish you both luck,love,and joy💜

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    1. I’m fairness last week I had panic attacks so intense I chopped of a bunch of hair mid attack. Still in a dark place but had a moment of calm and wanted to put some good energy out there while I had the opportunity to. Thanks for your message and hopefully we’ll both have brighter spots soon x


      1. Omg,I used to go into ‘mad hatter’ mode and cut off chunks of my hair when the depression or anxiety knocked me out. I am not happy someone else experiences that level of ‘madness’ but it sure does not suck to hear I am not the only one who encounters that dark space. Ty,ty,and thank you. Sometimes it just helps to know we are not all alone💜

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      2. Idk about fault,I do not blame myself for having a misbehaving brain…I do beat myself up a great deal for questionable choices made in an altered mental state. Much like alcohol and drugs not being an excuse but certainly a mitigating factor in behavior…why does the world fail to view mental health issues that way? Food for thought,society🙁

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      3. I coined that term for my own bipolar antics back in 1991. Never quite realized how fitting it-and the whole Wonderland ‘we’re all mad here!’ theme would be.

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