Self Isolating

Big news, we are going back into lockdown for four weeks to ‘save’ Christmas. Personally, I’m pretty annoyed that it took this long for something to be done as the science showed we needed to do this weeks ago, but yet again the UK seems to be having a delayed reaction and not getting things done until it’s too late. Also, this time around schools are staying open and some other odd choices have been made, so people are understandably confused and scared.

Now I don’t know about you guys but I have been pretty good at the whole social distancing thing, not travelling a load, not seeing all my friends and family like nothings wrong, because.. something is very wrong (duh). A lot of people, some of whom I was friends with and had to see their posts about this on social media have been living life like the Coronavirus does not exist, calling it a hoax, not wearing masks, claiming if it was real and they got it they’d be fine anyway.. *insert angry face here*. Um what about everyone else you selfish a holes.. kids, grandparents, all the vulnerable people that are immunocompromised?!

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So we are getting ourselves ready to deal with lockdown number two, and then we get a phone call from my partners family. His sister and her fiancé have tested positive. I’ve seen his sister exactly one time since this all kicked off at the beginning of the year, a few days before because they have a grandparent in hospital, and wanted to see each other to talk about how he was doing and give each other support. I do not begrudge any of this though, it’s an awful time and I’m trying to support my partner and his family as best I can.

We go online and check all the info, because we are not showing any symptoms we are not eligible for a test. But, we do have to self isolate for 14 days from the last time we saw his sister.

Ok so, it’s not the worst thing in the world, we’re a few days in already still symptom free but when you rarely leave the house as it is, finding out that now you can’t at all is mentally really difficult.

We can’t take the dog out, we can’t go to the shops (hopefully we have enough in as we’d recently done a big food shop), I can’t see my family, he can’t see his family.. it just sucks. We’re both lucky enough to be working from home already, so we can continue to do that, but suddenly everything seems a little harder. The house feels more suffocating, the air feels heavy.. work isn’t an escape it’s just more of the same, every day in the same place that I eat and attempt to relax in the evenings and now I know that I can’t physically go anywhere to get that separation.. that me time, to just, breathe.

I’ve really struggled with this first week of self isolation. This year has just been one thing after the other and this week has been no different.

I couldn’t really focus on anything for a few days, so I think I’m going to take some time and then maybe finish my thought when I feel better.

I hope you are all doing better than me.

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